US Federal Coronavirus Relief Action Now for Hardest Hit Industries

Dear Honorable,


I am contacting you on behalf of myself and the live events industry in which I work for your urgent leadership to insist congress return to negotiating and passing a comprehensive economic coronavirus relief bill. As Congress walks away from working to pass a bill, 12 million live events workers — planners, caterers, florists, talent, producers, technicians, engineers, suppliers, designers, venues, and more — are entering our sixth month of economic crisis, with little end or relief in sight. 


  • Our small businesses unable to operate due to gathering restrictions exhausted their forgivable loans back in June
  • Our families have deferred car loans and mortgages coming due, with balloon payments, as enhanced unemployment payments deflate



For the sake of our nation we have been required to put our livelihoods and prosperity on hold indefinitely and now due to the inaction of our federal leaders are not receiving the relief and support needed to survive.  Hundreds of the top CEO’s in US have warned of the imminent threat facing our economy as we approach a mass extinction of small business of which our industry is already becoming the epicenter.


The live events industry – which annually contributes over $1 trillion in direct and indirect spending to the United States is experiencing revenue loss above 80%, many businesses are facing permanent closure, and we’ve furloughed on average 85% to 95% of our workforce accounting for 40% to 50% of the total workers on unemployment. Not addressing the Live Events Industries devastation would be catastrophic and cause long term damage to our country’s economy and the futures of millions of Americans, their families and communities. 


The Live Events Coalition and the millions of workers, contractors, small businesses and allied industries it supports are calling on Congress to provide immediate relief to the industry by passing a comprehensive relief bill that includes: 


  • An updated and improved PPP & EIDL program
  • The ability for businesses who have already received PPP and EIDL to reapply based on need
  • Inclusion of the RESTART Act
  • Easier access to SBA 7(a) funding
  • An updated and improved PUA program with continued FPUC
  • Liability protections for Live Events businesses and our clients to return to putting on events per adherence to local requirements and safety guidelines



To be clear, we are not asking for a government handout. We are simply asking for necessary support to keep an entire group of industries from collapsing as we wait for a COVID-19 vaccine.


On behalf of the 12 million live event workers depending on your leadership during this unprecedented time, we thank you for being a voice we can count on for our industries small businesses’ and families’ survival.




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