Ask Utah's Officials If They Support Declaration!

Hi there:

We the People have exercised our rights under the U.S. and Utah State Constitutions and have terminated the "emergency" and the 50+ unconstitutional mandates of Governor Herbert that have been deeply destructive to our schools, our children's emotional and physical health, our economic stability, and virtually every aspect of life in Utah.

Deaths in the US and in Utah have flatlined, as all viruses do, but freedoms lost never seem to be restored by government.

The Declaration (a collaborative effort of many Utahns all over the state, signed by thousands, soon to be millions) is attached here as a PDF, and I would appreciate your reading it and letting us know if you SUPPORT the Declaration, or OPPOSE it.

If I do not hear from you in a week, we will publish your name in the DOES NOT RESPOND TO CONSTITUENTS category, in the Declaration itself, which is a dynamic document we will be updating, as we learn where each of the officials we have elected stand, regarding our freedom.

We are not asking for permission of our elected officials, to have our freedom back. The Declaration is the action that reclaims what is already ours, our God-given rights.

Rather, we are reaching out to learning where you stand, so we can publicize this to the citizens you represent.

The Declaration is critically important document to many Utahns who are aware of the great danger our state is in, including our children's future, our businesses and jobs and our economy.

The many citizens around the state want to be part of standing up to unconstitutional actions of our elected officials. We intend to get the Declaration in front of everyone in Utah in the following months. It appears that our rogue government intends to shut our small businesses down again--they will not survive another shutdown (ask them!)--and every business owner must understand that the State does not have the right to do this.

Every Utah citizen should understand that their children have a right to breathe oxygen and learn in an environment that is nurturing and free of fear.

I will follow up with you once in the next few days if I don't hear from you, to make sure you were able to read this and that we represent you accurately! Please write me back if you SUPPORT or OPPOSE the Declaration. If I do not hear back from you, we will publish your name in the DOES NOT RESPOND TO CONSTITUENTS category.

Please tell me you are part of restoring freedom to the people you represent.

P.S. Read the Declaration here.

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