Stand With Students in 2021 and End College Student Hunger

Dear [title] [last name],

2020 has thrown our nation several challenges: a global pandemic, tattered economy, heated elections, and broken communities. Across the country, there are millions of college students struggling to better themselves and their communities, all the while tackling these enormous challenges. As our next generation of community leaders learn and grow in the classroom, they are often fighting to survive and find enough to eat out of the classroom.

As you and your colleagues return to Washington D.C. after this contentious election, I urge you to make ending college student hunger a priority in the coming year. From expanding funding for food access programs on campus, improving acess to the SNAP program, distributing additional emergency grant aid, and more, we know we can solve hunger on our nation’s campuses.

As our nation comes together to heal in this moment and fight off this deadly virus and economic crisis, I ask that you stand with me and millions of college students fighting food insecurity and poverty and help us end student hunger once and for all.



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