Do not return to a more restrictive phase!

Dear Commissioners,


Yesterday, Governor Larry Hogan announced that our coronavirus positive test results are increasing statewide. In fact, they are increasing worldwide. There is nothing you can do to stop a virus, only mitigate its spread.

The Governor urged local jurisdictions to take control and not hesitate to take more restrictive actions than he at the state level. I am writing to urge you to stay the course we are currently on and remain fully open as is allowed under the current emergency order. While positivity is increasing, hospitals remain ready for the surge and deaths remain low and stagnant. This is indicative of a less deadly virus than we were dealing with in the Spring.

The public is well educated in the necessary precautions to slow the spread. There is compliance in stores with face coverings, abundant access to hand hygiene products, and all businesses/churches/organizations have measures in place for social distancing. We need to trust the population that they will continue to comply without harsh consequences so that the people continue to have confidence in our elected leaders to support a community in which they can flourish.

We are trusting in you to keep us open for business, worship, and leisure while trusting in us to use common sense.

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