The pandemic response is hurting people.

Dear Elected Leader,

The ongoing response to the Coronavirus Pandemic has caused immense damage to our community, outside of the tragic loss of life from the virus itself. There seems to be no one in charge of making difficult decisions who understands how to look holistically at the situation and try to minimize the damage done to our children, our working poor, our small businesses, or our greater community. The response has been so hyperfocused on public health for a virus that has thankfully been shown to be largely survivable, that we are leaving vulnerable people suffering in the wake.

The story on Charles County Social Media channels silences those of us who have had to reduce our working hours to supervise "distance-learning", our children with disabilities regressing, our employees who have been laid off, our spouses who have lost their jobs, our houses of worship being limited. There is a mental health crisis of epic proportions in our county that is brewing and will boil over if we have to endure another draconian lockdown. There was so much time wasted this summer canceling in-person learning opportunities or community gatherings that would have made us all feel human again while our COVID-19 statistics were extremely positive. Now we are entering a spike in cases having had no reprieve from the misery which began in March.

Please consider the most vulnerable in our community before taking any more restrictive actions on our county.



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