Texas Declaration to Officials: Emergency Over

Dear Governor Abbott and Texas legislators:

We, the people of Texas, hereby terminate, according to our Constitutional rights, the many illegal mandates that are destroying our civil liberties, our businesses, our economy, and our children's education.

I have signed the Resolution, and I ask the Legislative branch of our government to take action as well.  We the People, demand you to call a session without Governor Abbott’s doing so (since he did not oblige when asked to already), in order to maintain a checks and balances over him and his unconstitutional orders, as we have the inalienable right to alter our government in such manner as we may think expedient.  Call a session and publicly end the “state of disaster,” publicly revoke all of the unconstitutional mandates, and begin an investigation of an abuse of office by Governor Abbott, as he swore to “preserve, protect, and defend” the Texas Constitution but has knowingly disregarded it.

Too few legislators have done anything to fight for We the People, and so We the People must make a stand, to save lives from "deaths of destruction," wherein, despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of Texans are on government-welfare "life support" (unsustainable), even just the suicide part of these deaths of destruction are already spiking far beyond any deaths from a virus (and in fact, all viruses, in 2020).

Please review the Resolution and consider your legacy for the future, how you will be perceived, how your children and grandchildren will be perceived based on your part in this scheme--where our formerly thriving economy is crumbling, and people are losing all hope, as they lose their future.

Please reply and tell us that today is the day that you finally reverse course, and stop the devastation you have inflicted on Texans.

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