Utahns: Say No to Proposed Mandatory Vaxx Law!

Dear Legislator:

I am deeply concerned about the news from KUER that Rep. Spendlove (R) has introduced a bill making it legal for private businesses to force their employees to get a Covid-19 vaccine.

While I can appreciate that Rep. Spendlove may have good intentions in trying to keep the state from mandating the experimental vaccine on Utahns, we already have the right to refuse genetic testing such as the PCR test, and we have the right to refuse vaccination as well.

So, if the KUER story is accurate, all Rep. Spendlove's bill can do is attempt to take important human rights away from Utahns. 

I write you this letter to state my strong objection to any state law stripping me and my family of our medical right to informed consent.

According to Utah State Code 26-45-103, it is illegal as an employer to:
  (a) access or otherwise take into consideration private genetic information about an individual;
  (b) request or require an individual to consent to a release for the purpose of accessing private genetic information about the individual;
  (c) request or require an individual or his blood relative to submit to a genetic test; and
  (d) inquire into or otherwise take into consideration the fact that an individual or his blood relative has taken or refused to take a genetic test.
Here, due to (a) and (b), no employee (including state employees) may be asked to disclose compliance with the COVID-19 vaccine, since if injected, it is defined by the code as "private genetic material." The COVID-19 PCR test is a genetic test, and hence (c) and (d) apply as well - no employee may be forced to take the PCR test. 
The employee cannot be fired, or otherwise singled out for non-compliance of either testing or vaccination, else the employee can press suit for damages of $100,000 per statute.
2. According to Utah State Code 26-1-33, the individual rights are:
Nothing in this title (Utah Health Code) shall prohibit an individual from choosing the diet, therapy, or mode of treatment to be administered to an individual or an individual's family.
Vaccinations come under the category of "preventative therapy," and therefore the right to refuse is included in the code.
Please be aware of my objection to any law that attempts to remove my right to informed consent with regard to my body and my medical choices. This is a very fundamental, God-given and Constitutional right. You may see other bills in the same vein, and I ask, as your constituent, that you vote against them.
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