Tell President Biden- It's Time For Bold Action

Dear President Biden,  

As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on our country's health, our nation’s students and their families are enduring the fallout of the economic crisis.The next generation of leaders are experiencing devastations from food insecurity, unemployment, lack of healthcare, rising rent/evictions, and a ballooning student loan crisis ready to burst open the nation's economy. 

Today is not a day for small patchwork-- there is an opportunity to address the challenges our nation faces with bold, swift, and structural policies. Your administration has the power today to take action and support this next generation of leaders. 

It's time to expand SNAP access to college students permanently, forgive and not just postpone student loan debt, extend eviction moratoriums, provide rental assistance/tax credits, reform healthcare laws to expand access to affordable and quality healthcare, and fix the unattainable cost of higher education once and for all. 

We know the challenges of the moment are enormous and intimidating, but throughout American history, our nation has risen to the occasion to protect and defend all citizens from the crises of the time. We ask that you follow that tradition and stand with our nation's college students and their families.

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