Rein In Utah Govt Overreach in 2021 Leg Session!

Dear legislator,

The massive government overreach in Utah for the last 10 months has been unprecedented, and is hurting virtually every child and adult of the state, over a virus that CDC says 99.98% survive, if they are 49 or younger.

Above all other issues, Utahns want to see you, the legislature, rein in the government overreach.

As your constituent and a resident of Utah, I urge you to vote to protect rights to life, liberty and property, including our economy, including and especially during an “emergency”--when the temptation to overstep constitutional bounds is so great.

The word “safety” has been used repeatedly to justify what has resulted in massive blows to our  economy caused by the overreach – especially by the health department & labor commission.

Poor decisions of government bureaucracies have shredded the social fabric of Utah– separating family members, isolating the very young and the very old, causing depression and suicides to skyrocket as people lose hope, and forbidding our constitutional right to gather.

Unelected, unaccountable bureaucracies are creating their own rules and regulations without considering the wellbeing and wishes of citizens, and their futures.

Utah citizens have suffered exponentially more from the massive government overreach than from a virus. We are deeply concerned as we hear word that our Senate may not want to stand up to the unelected health departments and labor commission, who have been wrecking businesses and jobs, with the Cox administration’s agenda and support.

Legislation is essential to limit this unregulated authority of the state, including the health departments and labor commission, who are not elected and have not taken into consideration the risks and damage to ALL citizens.

It would be a terrible mistake to let this legislative session come and go, with our elected officials doing nothing about this year-long “emergency!” Emergencies are supposed to be a week or two—not years. Please put this “emergency power” to rest.

Suicide rates have more than doubled due to the restrictions and children have suffered emotionally and physically and their educations have been irreparably damaged. The elderly have suffered with severe isolation, abuse and death. Families are emotionally drained and financially strapped. This police-state is enforced not only by government but businesses because they are so terrified of draconian fines and punishments.

There is no such thing as a non-essential business.

Citizens must be allowed to govern themselves after being informed of risks. Spencer Cox ran on a platform of “limited government” and then brought us the 26 pages of socialist rules to control (and harm) every facet of life in Utah. We need our legislature to do its job—as a check-and-balance on unchecked executive power. (And the health depts and labor commission that Cox controls.)

As citizens we are far more concerned about losing our liberties than contracting a virus that well over 99% survive.

There are at least three proven cures for Covid that are highly effective, affordable and non-invasive, used by thousands of Americans with NO negative effects, that Utah citizens should be made aware of for their safety and happiness. Pharmacies must not be restricted from filling prescriptions prescribed by medical doctors.

These are the most important and far-reaching decisions you may ever make. For every letter you get from people like me, there are hundreds of other Utahns watching your decisions, hoping you will finally rein in our rogue executive branch and the bureaucracies they control, and deciding who they will support in the next election. Many formerly apolitical people are getting very involved and very aware.

As your constituent, I ask that you do the right thing, despite whatever political pressure Cox et al may put on you. I would very much like to hear back from you regarding your intention to vote in favor of regaining the basic liberties of Utahns that have been taken.


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