Change The Scariest Bill Utah Has Ever Seen

Dear ____:

I'm your constituent, and I have an important question for you:

Do you feel that SB195 is actually a bill that reins in the health department?

If so, would you please write me back telling me ...

WHICH part solves the problem of the gross overreach of our governor, and the health departments and labor commission?

WHICH part returns we, the people, our basic human rights and choice?

WHICH part of it is Constitutional?

Please pass a bill that disempowers the terrible legislation of last year. I'm sure if you participated in passing the 28 laws to enable Herbert (now Cox) and the health departments, you didn't imagine that almost a year later, we'd have soaring suicides and suicidal ideation; thousands of businesses shut down for good; financial insecurity for a huge and growing number of Utahns--and no end in sight.

For a virus that 99.98% survive, according to the CDC, if you're 49 and younger. (Why are we destroying school for the kids, and jobs for the adults, in the 49 and younger category? Why can't we come up with better solutions than mayors and councils and governors "declaring" long-term emergencies?)

As your constituent, I need you to be the check and balance on the Executive, which is out of control. That's a major reason we elected you!

Now that Cox has done so much damage, he can't possibly admit he's wrong. So we need YOU to save what's left of Utahns' health, sanity, and ability to provide for our families.

Please stand up for our constitutional right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Currently we are bound by hundreds of new rules, orders, laws, restrictions; our businesses are "going under" at an unprecedented rate; people who host a party are fined $10,000; our Governor canceled Easter, Thanksgiving, and worship--worst of all, Utahns are losing their jobs or on the brink of it, and our  suicide rate is going through the roof while they cover it up, calling it "accidental drug overdose."

HB195 doesn't help. Please be part of massively revising it so that it ACTUALLY protects the people you're called to serve, rather than codifying long-term emergency.

Lives, livelihoods, and the education of Utah's children depend on you. We NEED you to protect us from Cox. He ran on a platform of "limited government" and "less regulation of schools" and being a "conservative Republican"--and since NONE of that has panned out to be true--we need YOU to step up.

In the next election, we will elect whoever stands up for us. The workforce survives this virus 399 times out of 400, and that even includes all the folks who've had two heart attacks, have been through years of chemo, or who are 100 pounds overweight and diabetic. If this is an emergency, then we have set the precedent for anything and everything to be an emergency.

Thank you,

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