Preserve the Dr. Nettie Asberry House

Dear [title] [last name],

I am writing in support of a state grant proposal to help preserve the historic Dr. Nettie Asberry House in Tacoma. As part of his committment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, Governor Jay Inslee has proposed $800,000 to assist the Tacoma City Association of Colored Women’s Clubs (CWC) in the acquiring the home where Dr. Asberry taught music and Black history for many years.

Dr. Asberry was one of Washington's most important suffragists and civil rights activists and is believed to be the first African American woman to earn her Ph.D. It was in her home in Tacoma where some of her most important activism work took place and where she founded the Washington State Association of Colored Women’s Clubs and the first chapter of the NAACP west of the Rocky Mountains.

The Dr. Nettie Asberry home should be owned, restored, and managed by the CWC. Their vision includes full restoration of Dr. Asberry's music room, the creation of a Black history library for youth, and a renovated space for an African American museum that can also be used for meetings and public events. The CWC will create a community space that will honor Dr. Asberry's legacy and contribute to Tacoma's Hilltop community through education, programming, and support services.

As the CWC stated in their letter to the Governor, "Acquisition of the Asberry Home by the Tacoma CWC is both a symbolic and tangible act of reclamation and self-determination for the Black community."

I respectfully ask for your support in helping to preserve the legacy of Dr. Nettie Asberry by providing $800,000 for the CWC to acquire her home in Tacoma.

Thank you!

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