Implement Restriction Easing Without Delay!

Dear Commissioner,

For several months, Charles County has been compliant with every order from the Governor to slow the spread of COVID-19. From business closures to face coverings, we have done our part to keep the vulnerable in our community safe from the novel virus. Our faith in your governance was really restored when, before the holidays, you stayed the course and did not implement further restrictions on our struggling community.

With a declining positivity rate (3+% in one month!), hospitalizations, deaths, improvements in therapies and vaccinations slowly but surely continuing, Charles County is ready to implement the Governor's newest order on March 12, 2021 in total. I am writing today to urge you to follow the guidance of the Maryland Department of Health and do not delay the lifting of capacity restrictions in any way.

Commissioner, I am concerned with the long-lasting, non-COVID consequences of the restrictions on business, movement, social, religious, and recreational activities in our community. Children have been shut out of multiple sports seasons, their own schools, and are actively discouraged from hugging or socializing with friends. Churches are forced to turn away members of their congregations due to capacity limits. The restaurant industry - unable to welcome outdoor diners during the cold weather - is on the brink of collapse. I fear we are headed for calamity if we do not find a way to return to normal soon.

I urge you, out of compassion for the overwhelming majority of our citizens, do not delay the implementation of Governor Hogan's easing of restrictions on Friday, March 12.



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