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Pass The North Carolina Hunger-Free Campus Initiative (SB 676)
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Studies from across the nation and right here in North Carolina have shown that 4-in-10 college students have experienced hunger or food insecurity in the last academic year. Those numbers have only grown since the COVID 19 pandemic has wreaked economic havoc on North Carolina families and students. 

As a proud North Carolinian, I know that our state will not sit by as our students go hungry; instead, we will rise to the challenge to end hunger on our college campuses once and for all. One way in which you can help us to end hunger on our state's campuses is by passing the Hunger-Free Campus Initiative S.B. 676 (introduced by Sen. Murdock and Sen. Crawford) this legislative session. 

The Hunger-Free Campus Initiative establishes a Hunger-Free Campus Grant Program to address student hunger and basic food needs on campus; funds from the Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Fund bill used to increase anti-hunger programs on campus such as providing for an on-campus food pantry, regular food distributions to campus  locations, establishing a meal-sharing program that allows students to voluntarily donate their unused meal plan credits and more. 

This bill has proven in states such as California, New Jersey and Maryland to help reduce food insecurity rates on campus and establish a sustainable system of campus administrations serving students' basic needs. 

I know that during this challenging fiscal year, there will be several tough budgetary decisions. But it is while facing the toughest of challenges that a state and its leaders show their real character and nature. We ask that you show that North Carolinians believes in standing by its most vulnerable students. We ask that you join us in providing a path for our future leaders to grow, learn, and thrive by passing the Hunger-Free Campus Initiative (SB 676) during this legislative session.


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