Keep child abuse prevention in Utah schools.

Hello Representative, 

I'm a constituent of yours and I'm writing today to ask you to please oppose House Bill 137. This legislation would undo some of the progress we have made in trying to fight sexual assault in our community. House Bill 137 would add unnecessary work for parents who want their children to receive child abuse prevention education at school.

All programs are age-level appropriate and typically taught in the classroom with visual aids, videos, and other interactive activities. The curriculum being taught addresses important topics such as physical, sexual and emotional abuse as well as neglect. It procides provide students with skills and knowledge on how to protect themselves if someone tries to abuse them, who and how to report abuse, and safety strategies they can use in dangerous situations. 

As with most education curriculum parents can opt-out of this program. House Bill 137 is an unnecessary piece of legislation that would leave more children vulnerable to abuse. 

Thank you. 


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