Demand an autopsy into infants killed by Santangelo #JusticeForTheFive

Dear Mayor Bowser and DC Medical Examiner:

On March 29, Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising notified DC police about a possible violation of federal law: the lifeless bodies of five late-term aborted children. Two activists from PAAU discovered these children in boxes destined for a waste disposal company, whose delivery driver allowed them to take possession of the boxes.

Medical experts believe that some of these children may have been subject to infanticide or an illegal partial-birth abortion.

Worse, these children, when found, were intended for a delivery truck owned by Curtis Bay Energy, which burns waste to produce energy. This company, despite its labeling clearly placed on the boxes containing the bodies of these children, has absurdly denied that this ever took place.

We demand an autopsy and investigation into the deaths of these children, to know whether any violations of federal law have been committed by notorious late-term abortionist Cesar Santangelo.

We demand #JusticeForTheFive.

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