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Call Congress to Tell Them It’s Time for Positive Immigration Laws
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When they answer, give them your name, zip code, and tell them that you want to see positive immigration laws now so that longtime Nebraska residents who contribute so much to our communities have a way to apply for immigration status and citizenship.

Sample Script:

My name is [YOUR NAME]. I live in [TOWN]. I’m calling to urge my member of Congress to please support positive immigration laws that: 

  • Create stability for Nebraska communities
  • Keep families together
  • Support full inclusion of family members and neighbors who have been an important part of Nebraska communities for decades 
  • Support community members who are essential to our nation’s economic recovery
  • Finally create a way for longtime Nebraska residents to apply for immigration status and citizenship
  • End harmful detentions and deportation

I support these positive immigration laws because... 

[share a sentence about your personal story or reason for supporting]