Help us ensure that campuses protect survivor confidentiality!

Dear Representative, 

I'm a constituent of yours and I'm writing today to ask you to please support House Bill 251 by Representative Angela Romero. This legislation would guarantee confidentiality to victims of sexual, domestic and dating violence on Utah's college campuses. 

Currently, students and survivors on campus must be told that services they receive are not confidential. This presents a serious barrier to reporting and subsequent services. Because reporting rates are so low, it is imperative that we ensure confidential, trauma-informed services are available wherever a victim may choose to access them. Many students spend a significant amount of their time on campus because they live, work, and study all in the same place.

In addition, the services provided by campus-based advocates vary greatly from the services offered by community-based advocates. For example, a student who is suffering from trauma after an assault may need assistance rearranging classes or housing arrangements on campus and a community- based advocate does not have the capacity to do so. When HB 251 is enacted, a campus-based advocate could work on behalf of a student with complete confidentiality.

Thank you for all of the hard work you are doing on Capitol Hill. I hope you'll support House Bill 251 when the time comes. 

Thank you.

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