Restore full USDA animal welfare database

It is imperative that USDA restore the full and current database of animal welfare information that was removed on February 3, 2017. Though it has partially restored some of the missing data, the present database is of limited use because it is not current, and the user-friendly searchable functions have not been restored. Only current and readily accessible information will enable stakeholders to carry out the essential monitoring of compliance with federal animal welfare regulations.

For years this information has served as a crucial tool to provide transparency on the operations for thousands of animal industries. It is the only way for the public to know about accountability and compliance under the federal Animal Welfare Act. This information relates to many tax-payer funded operations being carried out under federal law. The American public deserves access to this information without delay.

USDA must prioritize the restoration of current and ongoing data in a user-friendly format, as it did until February 3, 2017.

Thank you for your attention to this critical issue.

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