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Help Our Nebraska Neighbors Keep Food on the Table: Support LB84!
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Thank you for calling to support LB EIGHTY-FOUR in the NE legislature! This bill helps our fellow Nebraskans keep food on their tables by maintaining a 2021 change that addresses the SNAP “cliff effect” where families lose more resources in SNAP benefits than they gain when they take a raise. We believe Nebraska should reward work, not make it more difficult to transition off benefits. LB EIGHTY-FOUR would maintain food access for 4500 households in our state. 

Senators love to hear from their constituents, so feel free to share your point of view and speak from your experience on why you think food access is important.

In a few moments, you will call the office of each senator on the Health and Human Services Committee where you may talk to the senator, a staff member, or be asked to leave a message. Make sure to give your name and where you live, so the senators know you’re in Nebraska. Once you have left your message or finished your conversation, hang up to be returned to this page and make your next call.