Vote NO on HB1111

Please, vote NO on HB1111.  This bill is vague.  Many words in the Tennessee Code are undefined.  The Legislature has not had time to explore all the ways this new rubric for interpreting laws and state court rulings would have an impact on every area of law in our state.  This bill invites chaos.

The only thing clear about the bill is that it is a sneaky version of SB30/HB33.  It does the same thing plus a great deal more since it affects EVERY UNDEFINED WORD IN THE TENNESSEE CODE! 

This bill appears to be an effort to interfere with the marriages of same-sex couples.  If it does accomplish that, the State will be taken to court and lose, which will result in legal fees. 

Legal groups are not calling for this bill.  It achieves no good purpose for the people of Tennessee. 

Thank you for considering my views.

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