Ask California Senate to Reject SB-403 to Protect Hindus from Discrimination

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Dear Senator,

I oppose the California SB-403, introduced by State Sen. Aisha Wahab and request you to vote against this bill to protect the minority community from the India Subcontinent.  This bill purports to ban discrimination based on “caste.”  However, it is important to note that the bill’s definition of “caste” follows odious colonial narrative.  There is no evidence that there is “caste” discrimination in the State of California and there is ample evidence that this ill-conceived and sinister bill intends to cast a wide net, not to protect anyone but to discriminate against the minority community from the Indian subcontinent, especially Hindus from India.

I oppose SB-403 because:

1. It perpetuating the colonial narrative of “Caste”

2. It is based on false conjucture and unproven allegations

3. Like every rational Californian, I am against any type of discrimination and I believe that the existing laws are sufficient to counter discrimination in California

4. SB-403 unfairly targets people of Indian subcontinent

5. Those promoting "caste" narrative have malevolent affiliations and have openly promoted Hindu hatred

6. This bill will lead to harassment, discrimination, bullying and violence against Hindus