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Sen. Baldwin’s S.Res.424 empowers Islamist terrorists, spreads Disinformation
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Dear [Your Elected Official],

The American Hindus and Indian Americans from diverse faith communities are deeply alarmed and concerned by the introduction of S.Res. 424 by Senator Tammy Baldwin in the Senate - Foreign Relations Committee.

The resolution is flawed at multiple levels, but some points noted below need mention because the disinformation they promote pose a serious threat to communities in the United States and in India.

1. Unlike what is claimed in the resolution, Muslims in India take pride in their Indianness. While many may argue that India and its culture of democracy may not be perfect, 85% of India’s Muslim population believes that “Indian culture is superior to others”.[1] About 89% of Indian Muslims say they do not face any discrimination and are free to practice their religion. This number is no different than average Indian Citizen, which means Muslims do not feel discriminated any more than members of other religions in India.[2] 

This number is significantly lower than American surveys where over 50% of minorities perceive discrimination.

2. While Senator Baldwin’s resolution claims that Muslim men are “arrested” under the pretext of “false Love Jihad”, what it conveniently ignores is that it is the Muslim Community that overwhelmingly shuns intermarriage with members of other faiths. by 13% (for women) and 11% (for men).[3] 

3. Much of S.Res. 424 is compilation of disinformation that mirrors the position peddled by Pakistan and many pan-Islamist terror groups. The resolutions’ positions on Kashmir and Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) empowers radical Jihadist groups like Al Qaeda and Islamic State (ISIS) by echoing their narratives in the august halls of the US Congress.[4]

4. Since the removal of Article 370, up until October 2023, Kashmir has seen the lowest civilian deaths since the latest phase of terrorism started in 1989. The number of security forces killed has also reduced to 1/4th of what it was in 2018.[5]
The successful G20 summit events in the Kashmir Valley shows how far the people of the State have come. Such an event was unthinkable for three decades, when Kashmir valley was under the dark shadow of Pakistan sponsored terrorism. [6]

5. Quite the opposite of how S. Res. 424 portrays it, India’s Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), passed in 2019 by the Indian Parliament is consistent with the American values of compassion for the victims of religious and ethnic persecution. It is no different than The Cuban Adjustment Act (CAA) passed by the US Congress in 1966[7], providing a pathway to permanent residence for Cubans who were victims of communist oppression.
Similarly, the Lautenberg Amendment to the Jackson–Vanik amendment to the Trade Act of 1974, enacted on November 21, 1989[8], specifically provides refugee status in the United States for nationals from the Soviet Union and later the former Soviet Union, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania who are Jews, Evangelical Christians, Ukrainian Catholics or Ukrainian Orthodox; as well as nationals of Vietnam, Laos, or Cambodia; and Jews, Christians, Baha’is and other religious minorities from Iran.

Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), expresses very similar sentiments. India, the largest
democracy in the world, with its tolerant Hindu ethos has stood as a beacon of hope for
persecuted minorities. The CAA declares India a sanctuary country for  persecuted minority refugees from their tormentors driven by extremist Islamic religious frenzy and grants them priority immigration status.

At a time when, we in the United States are struggling to contain rising antisemitism and targeted Hinduphobia[9], Senator Baldwin's disinformation-laden S. Res. 424 will increase targeting of Hindu, Sikh and reformed Muslim communities further. Even though Senator Baldwin has been a vocal supporter of Israel against Hamas, in reality, S. Res. 424 empowers those very organizations which are vocal supporters of Hamas in the US. It is important therefore, that the Department of Homeland Security investigate the backers of this dangerous resolution and their links to pan-Islamic radicalized groups. 


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