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Offer E-bike Incentives in Michigan
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Governor Whitmer,

You recently proposed a MI Vehicle Rebate program that would apply to both EVs and ICE vehicles, with additional incentives for vehicles made in union factories.

GM, Ford and Stellantis are big parts of the Michigan economy, and we recognize the value of supporting them. GM supports the bicycling community through Community Spark Grants, and Ford teaches teens about safe driving skills through Driving Skills for Life. We're grateful for all the automakers do for Michigan bicycling.

However, many Michiganders cannot afford to buy a new vehicle, and some would prefer to use an e-bike for their transportation needs – particularly younger people who are choosing whether to stay in the state after completing their education or move elsewhere. Michigan e-bike makers like Detroit Bikes and Vela deserve support too.

Affordable transportation is hard to come by these days. The average price of a new car in November 2023 was over $48,000. With typical prices ranging from $1,500 to $3,000, e-bikes can replace many shorter car trips for a much more reasonable cost. This is especially important for younger people who are starting their careers and may not be able to fit rent, student loans, and a car payment into their monthly budget.

Michigan can join several other states, including Colorado and Minnesota, investing in the transformative potential of e-bike incentives. By lowering the upfront cost barrier of switching to an e-bike, incentives can make e-bikes accessible to the people who benefit most from lower transportation costs.

HB 4491, introduced by Rep. Julie Rogers and co-sponsored by 16 additional representatives, would create an e-bike incentive program with $500 for all qualified purchases and an additional $750 for low-income households. The House Transportation budget passed earlier this year included $5 million in funding for an e-bike incentive program, proposed by Rep. Puri, though it was not in the final budget.

We respectfully request your support for e-bike incentives, to invest in growing Michigan's reputation for clean and accessible transportation. Please include $5 million in funding for e-bike incentives as part of your executive budget request.

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