Billdata Timeline
introduction, reading-1: Senate
First Reading
: Senate
Authored by Senator Treat
reading-2, referral-committee: Senate
Second Reading referred to Judiciary
committee-passage: Senate
Reported Do Pass, amended by committee substitute Judiciary committee; CR filed
: Senate
Coauthored by Senator Matthews
: Senate
Coauthored by Representative Echols (principal House author)
: Senate
Coauthored by Representative Roberts
: Senate
Coauthored by Representative Wolfley
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Tell your legislator to pass the Oklahoma Survivors' Act - SB1470
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Hi, Senator/Representative [Name]. My name is [Your name], and I am one of your constituents.

I am calling to urge you to pass the Oklahoma Survivors' Act, Senate Bill 1470.

Oklahoma is now number one in the nation for domestic violence and number three for women being killed by their intimate partners. This is a horrible stain on our culture and values. 

SB 1470 is a bill that will create a process for domestic violence survivors to receive shorter criminal sentences in court if they’re being sentenced for a crime that stems from their abuse. The bill also gives imprisoned survivors a chance to petition the court for sentencing relief if they can prove their crime stemmed from their abuse.

Unfortunately, many survivors of domestic violence have to resort to self-defense when their or their children’s lives are in danger. Because of this, survivors of domestic violence often find themselves charged with various crimes stemming from or relating to the domestic violence they have endured.

One imprisoned survivor that this bill could help would be April Wilkens. April Wilkens was prosecuted in Tulsa County in 1998 after she was brutalized, handcuffed, and threatened within an inch of her life. She was able to get her abuser’s gun and fired on him after he threatened to kill her and lunged toward her. Although April testified at trial that she “had no choice,” a jury convicted her of premeditated First Degree Murder, the judge sentenced her to LIFE in prison, and she has been in Mabel Bassett for 25 years.

Senate Bill 1470 would give incarcerated survivors like April Wilkens a chance for a fair sentence.

Do I have your word that you will help pass Senate Bill 1470?