Access to high quality maternity care. I support HB1189/SB1206.

Before the May 9 deadline, please urge the Joint Committee on Public Health to pass HB1189/SB1206 out favorably!

In Feburary, yet another study was published showing that integrating midwives into the health care system (as this bill does) improves health outcomes for moms and babies. This means fewer c-sections, fewer preemies, more breastfeeding and thriving babies. (

We must act now to pass HB1189/SB1206 "An Act Relative to Out-of-Hospital Birth Access and Safety." Massachusetts has always been a leader in health care, but in maternity care, we are falling behind. 33 other states now license Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs), providing a more integrated health care system for moms and babies.

This bill promotes public health and maternity care access. Organizations that support health and human rights have endorsed the bill, including: ACLU Mass, Mass NOW, NARAL Mass, League of Women Voters MA, Union of Minority Neighborhoods, Our Bodies Ourselves, Bay State Birth Coalition, and the Women's Bar Association of Massachusetts.

I urge the Public Health Committee to report HB1189/SB1206 out favorably, as they have done with prior versions of this bill in previous sessions. Massachusetts families cannot wait any longer for access to high quality maternity care in all settings.