Elders Are Concerned About the Health Impacts of Climate Change

I am writing you today to request immediate action on climate change as the health and well-being of our nation is at risk, one of the hidden dangers of climate change.  Fossil fuels are driving climate change and increasing the impacts of climate change on our health in the following ways:

  • Extreme heat:  dehydration, heat stroke
  • Severe storms: injuries, displacement and contaminated water
  • Degraded air:  worsens asthma and heart disease
  • Ticks and mosquitoes increase their range:  West Nile, Lyme, Zika
  • Floods and warm water grow microbes:  cholera, paralytic shellfish poisoning, toxic algae
  • Depression, anxiety and PTSD due to severe weather and heat
  • Heat and drought damage to crops:  C02 lowers nutritional value

This summary has been documented in the U.S. Government analysis, “The Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health in the United States,” by National Institutes of Health, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, medical societies and a majority of American and global scientists.  This summary also concludes that the most vulnerable populations are elders and children.


As a member of Elders Climate Action, I am asking you to consider the well-being of your children, grandchildren, future generations and urge you to support legislation that will take immediate action on climate change through reduction of greenhouse gases that are causing climate change.  


Thank you in advance for your action on climate change.