Take Action: Support the CCDBG Increase!

As an advocate for child care and early learning, I want to communicate how thrilled I am about the bipartisan budget deal's increase for the Child Care and Development Block Grant. This increase, $5.8 billion over two years, will help our states serve more children, raise payment rates, and improve the quality of care. In California, the funding would serve an additional 15, 590 more children per year.


I urge you to ensure that the Labor Health and Human Services and Education allocation is sufficient to sustain the CCDBG increase included in the budget deal as well as the highest possible amount for other early learning programs. It is imperative that Congress is able to complete the FY 2018 process by March 23rd so that states can use the $5.8 billion over two years to help more mothers work, more children have a strong early learning experience and more providers receive the support they need.  


I am looking forward to Congress passing the final FY18 omnibus by March 23rd.