Stop HB727 - Defend the First Amendment in Louisiana

HB727 is a direct assault on our First Amendment protected rights of free speech, assembly, association, and redress of government. This law would deter peaceful protests, lay the groundwork for the expanded use of eminent domain and is an overall escalation in the criminalization of public assembly.

As your constituent I urge you to OPPOSE HB727.

This bill is an unnecessary distraction that restricts our freedoms. Hard working people in Louisiana want elected officials to focus on creating stronger, more healthy communities, not playing politics or silencing free speech. Residents participating in free speech and peaceful assembly are the sign of a healthy democracy. It is undemocratic for elected officials to pass laws that silence their own constituents. We should be encouraging greater participation in our democracy, not less.

Moreover, this effort is an embarrassing distraction that will put our state in the national spotlight for criminalizing free speech. HB727 would criminalize opposition groups and would allow for anyone seen as "conspiring" to stop any project arbitrarily deemed "critical infrastructure" to face stiff legal consequences. Penalties for speaking and gathering with others concerning these issues would carry a possible 5 years in prison, as well as a fine of up to $10,000.

I urge you to Defend the First Amendment and Oppose HB727.