Tell your alderman: Reject the MegaTIFs for Lincoln Yards & the 78

As your constituent, I am writing to urge you to vote NO on the creation of two new megaTIFs for Lincoln Yards and the Roosevelt 78 and to request a hold on any final decisions on these $2.4B projects until after the municipal elections in February and April.

These TIF districts would exacerbate the existing inequality in Chicago for the next 23 years by sequestering property tax dollars in some of the wealthiest, least blighted areas of our city to subsidize developers.

In light of the near-daily revelations about corruption in City Council---directly related to development and zoning decisions, these projects must be left for a new council and new mayor to vet and decide on. We need a new era of clean and accountable government that works for the benefit of all Chicagoans.

Hi, my name is ____ and I’m a constituent who would like to express my concern about the two mega-developments, the Lincoln Yards and the 78, which will cost taxpayers roughly $2.4B to subsidize private development in Lincoln Park and the near south-side. Due to the culture of corruption in city hall right now, any projects connected to the former head of Finance and Zoning should be put on hold. I want the Alderman to oppose both of these deals and to make sure that any final decisions are delayed until after a new Mayor and new City Council take office in May.