Open Wisconsin

Wisconsin was built on the understanding that our right to support our families through work, to engage in trade and reap the rewards of our labors and to worship freely are fundamental, God-given rights.

We know elected officials at all levels of Wisconsin’s government are concerned about the public health and welfare, and we appreciate that. We all need to use common sense and take precautions during the pandemic. But heavy-handed government orders that interfere with our most basic liberties are certain to do more harm than good to Wisconsin citizens, especially to our state’s best natural resource, our families.

Wisconsin people are losing their jobs, and the impact of the current shut-down on countless families and their livelihoods will be dire and long-lasting.  Reports of increases in domestic violence, depression, suicide hotline calls, and total destruction to small businesses and retirement funds are increasing.  Just a short time ago, we had a robust economy and a sizeable surplus in our state’s budget. All of which is lost as a result a statewide shutdown, despite the fact that some counties haven’t had a single reported case of COVID-19 and many others have very low numbers.

Governor Evers, it’s time to re-open Wisconsin for business rather than prolong the shutdown. There are sensible solutions that protect citizens while stopping the spread of the virus but do not require a complete shutdown of the entire state.  Many hot spots in other places in the country have managed and contained the virus by simply addressing the affected geographical areas.

On behalf of a hard-working Badger State people, we hereby petition you to do all that is within your gubernatorial power to reopen our state, including cooperating with the state legislature on proposals that will move us forward and to rescind the most recent extension of your stay-at-home order.

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