Tell Your Gov and Lt. Gov No More Shutdowns!

Dear Governor,

I am writing in opposition of your efforts to shut down jobs and small businesses all over our great state.

Our economy was booming before you took these actions, and now we have mass unemployment, and mass destruction of small businesses, which are the “engine of the economy,” including most of our restaurants that will be unlikely to ever open again.

I am concerned that you made rash decisions based on bad data, as studies from all over the U.S. and Europe show that the virus is 35 to 50 times less lethal than the original projections.

And “re-opening” plans force draconian measures that look an awful lot like socialism. No restaurant can survive, after being closed for months, when told that they have to limit their customers to 25% of capacity, or 50% of capacity.

These are unreasonable restrictions that violate the business owners’ right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And I do not see you “leading”--rather, I saw you shut down our liberties based on a rumor of a deadly virus that turned out to be false.

As Fauci stated in Mar. 26 New England Journal of Medicine, and as many serology tests have proven since then, the fatality rate is about 0.1%, about the same as a bad seasonal flu.

We need a governor and lieutenant governor to LEAD courageously, based on actual data. Citizens in many states are initiating legal actions against their governor. I am considering being a part of these actions, as I continue to see you overreach your jurisdiction without respecting the rights of hundreds of thousands like me, who simply expect to be able to earn a living.

Please have the courage to change course. Everyone will forgive you. What is unforgivable is to keep up your endorsement of the destruction of our children’s future.


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