Dear Mayor and City Council,

I am a resident of your city, and I want to let you know that I appreciate the heroic efforts of our police force.

In the current climate of hostility towards the police, I am concerned that the “silent majority” are not being heard – only the vocal anarchists -- but We, The People are grateful for the services our police force provides.

I don’t want our law enforcement defunded! This may be a ploy by certain factions to “militarize” the police, and to justify martial law.

My family and I do not want this, and we want to stand up FOR the police! There’s a bad cop here and there, but we know they are the rare exception, rather than the rule.

Law enforcement is necessary, and worth the money we spend for our own security against crime and lawlessness. We know that 99% of cops are good people who want to do a good job.

Please do not defund our police force.

Thank you.

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