Give ALL parents a choice to return their students to school!

Dear Board Member,


Charles County has had one of the best recoveries post-lockdown of any county in the state. The rate of infection has significantly slowed and deaths in our county are rare in the past few months. The surge from Prince George's County that was predicted never came to fruition. We have cause to celebrate! Our children should not have to continue to suffer, while our state continues to recover, stuck at home with every activity they enjoy canceled until further notice. Furthermore, they miss learning in the methods and environments they have been conditioned from preschool to thrive.

There are school districts, charter networks, and private schools which have figured out how to match students desiring in-person instruction with teachers willing to provide it. Parents who are more comfortable with virtual learning could be matched with teachers who would rather teach through that medium. There are options and I feel that the Board of Education should do the hard work to make these options available. We have the opportunity to lead the state in giving to our children what has been stolen from them at a formative age. Be a part of the leadership that makes this happen!

Lastly, the SARS-CoV2 virus is likely here to remain for a long time. It is also survivable for the overwhelming majority of people, especially young people. While the Charles County Board of Education cannot set public health policy for an entire state, it certainly can make reasonable, data-based decisions rather than cave to the demands of the "What If" Crowd. I urge you to devise a plan which allows in-person instruction and activities for the families in our district who want or need it.




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