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Help Limit Legislation Adopted by CT General Assembly During COVID Lockout

Dear [title] [last name],

   I am very concerned about the limit that will be placed on public participation during the legislative process this session. Replacing public hearings and personal contact with legislators with ZOOM meetings and emails is inadequate. The normal legislative process is confusing enough for the public. It will become even more confusing when electronic media will be the only form of interaction.

  Also, human interaction, where needs, desires and concerns are expressed, cannot be adequately replaced by ZOOM, etc. This limited environment also sets up opportunities for legislators to pass very controversial legislation that failed to be adopted in prior years due to public opposition. I also worry about denying the public the right to fully exercise their constitutional right to address their concerns to their government.

  I am asking you to support an effort to have the General Assembly suspend all legislative activity until later spring and only then consider legislation that maintains essential government services and operations – especially for the poor, indigent and others suffering from this pandemic.          

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