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Pregnancy Care Centers serve hundreds of mothers and their children every year across our state. Many women resort to abortion because they feel it is their only choice; pregnancy care centers offer women life-affirming choices and provide them with a variety of services and support during and after their pregnancy. Raised Senate Bill 835 is a bill that seeks to control advertising by the pregnancy care centers due to false claims about deceptive advertising. Unfortunately, the leading abortion lobbying group, known as NARAL, is leading a deceptive effort against these centers on the national level using false statements and deceit. The real issue is that all these centers are reflective of the Christian view of the sanctity of all human life, even the unborn, and NARAL holds totally opposing viewpoint. This bill will give the Attorney General of Connecticut complete authority over the advertising of pro-life pregnancy care centers. The defining factor as to whether or not a center is covered by this legislation is if they make referrals for abortions or not.