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Please oppose S.B. 835 - Help preserve a true choice for women

   I am writing to urge you to vote "NO" on S.B. 835, "An Act Concerning Deceptive Advertising Practices of Limited Services Pregnancy Centers". This bill is based on completely inaccurate and misleading information about pregnancy resource centers in our state and is part of a national campaign by NARAL Pro-Choice America to discredit the work that these centers perform. These centers provide a vital choice to women.

   This legislation is not actually driven by concerns over false and misleading advertising, but by an ideological conflict between pregnancy resource centers, that do not provide abortion services, and centers that do provide or refer for abortions. The word "abortion" is the linchpin in determining who is covered by this proposed legislation and who is not. The effect of this legisation is to extend state control over the Christian pro-life pregnancy centers in our state. NARAL wants to discredit and shut these centers down and the state is going to help them achieve that goal.

   The proposed legislation gives the Attorney General untethered power to take legal action against pregnancy care centers. Who determines what is deceptive advertising under the law? The Attorney General. Does there have to be a complaint filed by a prospective client? No, the Attorney General can act on his own or at the encouragement of pro-abortion advocacy groups, such as NARAL.

   Legal actions across the nation over the past several years have almost entirely ruled these type of laws unconstitutional. In several of these court cases, lack of substantiated evidence of the harm done to women was one of the major reasons the courts ruled against the laws. In other words, just like in Connecticut, there has been a complete lack of evidence that the centers are intentionally misleading women. Just the opposite, they are successfully helping hundreds of women a year.

    Again, please vote "NO" on S.B. 835.

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