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Don’t Let Scott Pruitt Kill The Clean Power Plan


Dear Senator,


The health of American citizens, the environment that affects every aspect of our lives, and the wellbeing of all our grandchildren and future generations should NOT be a partisan issue.


In recent years the scientific community in the US and around the world has come to near unanimous agreement that climate change resulting from carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions poses a huge threat to humans around the world.


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the primary agency for the US government to fulfill its responsibility to preserve a healthy environment.  EPA was created by President Richard Nixon.  Under President Ronald Reagan, the EPA’s powers were employed to address the threat of ozone depletion, among other steps to protect our air, water and land.  Four EPA administrators under Republican administrations testified before Congress last year on the importance of a strong federal environmental protection agency.


Yet, at a time when the need for an effective EPA is greater than ever, a man who has consistently opposed actions of the EPA to fulfill it’s responsibilities has been nominated to head the agency.  His intentions are clear - to gut the agency and leave the US and it’s citizens without effective environmental protections.


I join with members of Elders Climate Action throughout the country to oppose the confirmation of Scott Pruitt as EPA administrator.  As your constituent, I urge you to do all you can to defeat Scott Pruitt’s confirmation, and to work with Republicans and Democrats to ensure that the American people have the benefit of an effective Environmental Protection Agency.