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Support SB 732 to Advance Clean Transportation in SoCal

Thank you for taking action!

Thank you for taking action! Please share this with friends, colleagues, and family in Southern California who care about the environment.

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Ask Your Representative to Support SB 732 to Conquer Dirty Air & Climate Change

We face an air quality crisis, a climate crisis, and a transportation crisis. Transportation sources in Southern California account for 90% of our NOx emissions, resulting in the dirtiest air in the country, and for 51% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions known to cause climate change – and our highways are burdened with soul-crushing traffic.

Senate Bill 732 (Allen) is the beginning of a comprehensive strategy needed to achieve these clean air, climate and transportation goals and, therefore, I write to ask for your support of S.B. 732 in the 2020 Legislative Session when it comes first to Senate Appropriations and then to the Senate Floor.

·       In California, smog is once again worsening.  If we don't get our polluted air under control, we face sanctions from our Federal government that could cost us billions in federal transportation dollars.

·       In addition, according to scientists from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, we have less than 11 years to stem global warming before rising seas and worsening droughts threaten our community and our world with irreparable damage. 

·       Our traffic congestion has been worsening as well.  We need clean high-velocity regional transit solutions as well as local county solutions. 

If S.B. 732 is signed into law, it would give Southern Californians the ability to take action locally to finally clean our air, to fight climate change and to reduce traffic congestion regionally by authorizing a ballot measure in Southern California to raise sales tax revenue to address these regional challenges.  And it would create tens of thousands of good paying jobs. 

We must implement proven strategies to dramatically accelerate the deployment of clean vehicles and equipment – zero emission cars, zero and near-zero emission trucks and clean off-road vehicles and equipment – while building a clean high-velocity regional commuter transit system.

SB 732 will authorize a regional ballot measure sure could raise substantial funds which would:

·        Ensure Southern California meets federal clean air standards and pushes back on climate change by investing heavily in accelerated deployment of clean light-, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles and their necessary power/fuel infrastructure in Southern California as well as strategies to reduce “super-pollutants” that along with CO2 cause climate change; and

·        Create economies of scale in the clean vehicle market that could lead to rapid statewide and even national/international adoption; and

·        Modernize Metrolink, our regional commuter rail system to create a clean, high-velocity, frequent regional rail transit system; and

·        Accelerate local county investments in local transit plans; and

·        Create thousands of good-paying jobs to support local economies.

Therefore, I am joining with other advocates for public health, clean energy, clean vehicles, active transportation, and good-paying jobs to urge you to support S.B. 732 and vote for it when it comes up in the Senate in January 2020.


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Imagine Southern Californians could vote on a regional measure to truly and finally clean our air and at the same time take a giant step toward conquering climate change...all for less than a dime a day. SB 732 (Allen) would authorize such a measure but we need you to call your legislator today!

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why sign?

  • Light-duty vehicles emit about 50% of the greenhouse gas emissions from transportation.
  • In Southern Cal heavy-duty diesel trucks and equipment emit 80% of the NOx that causes ozone smog.
  • Senate Bill 732 authorizes the South Coast Air Quality Management District and voters to address air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions directly, putting possible solutions in voters hands.
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Support Senate Bill 732 (Allen) to Invest in Clean Air & End to Climate Change

Senate Bill 732, authored by Sen. Allen, will allow voters the opportunity to vote on whether to 1) invest in reductions of greenhouse gas emissions by incentivizing lower emissions cars and trucks and 2) invest in technologies that will dump diesel and eradicate air toxins in Southern California.