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Sign the Petition Today; "Pride" Flag Divides The Badger State


WHEREAS the State Capitol is a building representing all Wisconsin citizens; and

WHEREAS Governor Evers was elected by a majority of Wisconsin citizens, not by a special-interest group, and was elected to represent all Wisconsin citizens; and

WHEREAS giving special recognition to one group of citizens over all other citizens by authorizing a flag representing that group to be flown over the State Capitol is divisive and exclusive, not unifying and inclusive; and

WHEREAS there is no historical precedent of flying flags over the State Capitol representing a special-interest group; and

WHEREAS there is nothing affecting all Wisconsin citizens that is compelling the governor or any other elected official to authorize the flying of a flag over the State Capitol in recognition of a special-interest group; and

WHEREAS flags flying over the State Capitol should not further any specific political or social agenda thereby implying all Wisconsin citizens agree with that agenda; and

WHEREAS only flags representing all Wisconsin citizens should be flown over the State Capitol; 

NOW THEREFORE, we the undersigned citizens of Wisconsin petition Governor Tony Evers to immediately stop flying the LGBT’s “Rainbow Pride Flag,” representing a small special-interest group, over the State Capitol and to rescind authorization for other state buildings and public places to also fly this flag.