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Save Charlotte's Trees!

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Send an Email to Your City Council

Dear City Council Members, Mayor, & City Manager & Asst. Manager: 

I am a Charlotte Citizen that is very concerned about our evident, tremendous loss of trees and green space.

I am just now becoming aware that there are actions being considered by you, our elected city leaders, regarding a reduction in ordinances protecting “urban trees” and green space for purposes of allowing developers a quicker, less expensive path for rapid development. I find the verbiage of petition 2019-104 unclear and misleading contrary to preserving the trees and green space. The tree canopy contributes to our quality of life in this city due to the many attributes trees and green space provide.

I am concerned that Charlotte citizens at large have not had any mass communication to allow input regarding this matter.

I would like to see a NO vote on this petition 2019-104. We need to stop and re-evaluate our entire tree protection ordinances with the input of the majority of Charlotte Citizens, Arborists and Climate experts. We need intelligent, considerate thought and planning, that will take time to formulate, to create a new comprehensive mature tree & green space protection plan.

There are a number of plans used by other large successful tree friendly cities to utilize as a template for a successful integration of development and mature tree & green space protection & preservation.  

Thank you so much for your service to our City and for your best intentions & actions in protecting our environment and quality of life.  



Charlotte Citizen


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City Council is voting on Monday, October 21st on the new "urban" tree ordinance petition 2019-104. If passed, this will loosen the protection on the trees in Charlotte to benefit developers. The trees need YOUR help! Send an email to City Council asking them to vote NO on this petition.

who will receive your email?

James Mitchell Council Member At-Large

Justin Harlow Council Member, District 2

Ed Driggs Council Member, District 7

LaWana Mayfield Council Member, District 3

Gregory A. Phipps Council Member, District 4

Tariq Bokhari Council Member, District 6

Vi Lyles Mayor

Larken Egleston Council Member, District 1

Vi Lyles Mayor

Julie Eiselt Council Member At-Large

Braxton Winston Council Member At-Large

Dimple Ajmera Council Member At-Large

Matt Newton Council Member, District 5

why sign?

  • Dogs need trees! Cats need trees! Birds need trees! We all need trees!
  • Charlotte needs an updated tree ordinance to increase protections for trees and green space, not decrease protections.
  • We must stop and get a true citizen input. Due to confusing messaging and tremendous lack of contact/communication, the majority of Charlotte Citizens have no idea this is all going on.
  • This can be a win-win for trees and green space and for intelligent, planned, thoughtful, eco-friendly development.