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Tell your legislators to support full funding for BOOST

On Jan. 15, Maryland introduced its proposed budget fiscal year 2021, and in it, included a proposed $10 million for the BOOST Scholarship Program. As part of the Maryland BOOST Scholarship Coalition, I am asking that you support $10 million for this program and help ensure that the thousands of low-income Maryland families who rely on BOOST are able to continue to see their children thrive in school. 

The Maryland BOOST Scholarship Coalition is a group of parents, educators and school administrators who are dedicated to ensuring that Maryland students have access to high-quality, affordable and diverse educational options. We believe that education is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor and that families should be given the opportunity to choose the education best fit for their child. Your support of these educational options in Maryland is greatly appreciated.

I thank you for supporting budgets these last few years that have allowed the BOOST program to grow and serve many Maryland families. Last year, thousands of students across the state received a BOOST Scholarship. For the current school year, there was a 25% increase in certified applicants, leading to a large waitlist after initial awards were made.  

That is why I am asking that you support the recommended increase to $10 million for BOOST in FY 2021 so that all those who need it have access to the opportunity that BOOST provides.

Thank you again for your strong support educational options in Maryland and the future of our children.

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