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Sign Petition to Support Local Businesses Affected by COVID-19 Pandemic

Governor Ige:


As leaders of Hawaii’s business community, we understand that we must take action to stem the Coronavirus pandemic. We are willing to do our part to save lives. We have stopped nonessential operations, made adjustments to keep essential functions running and stepped up to help others in need. However, these actions have come at a steep cost to the future of our business and our ability to employ our fellow Hawaii residents.


The stay-at-home orders and shutdown of sit-down dining and other entertainment services have come at a price—largely paid by Hawaii’s local business owners and our employees. While business has come to a standstill, our April bills and obligations remain. Many of us fear that we won’t be able to make good on these debts and will close permanently.


We urge you to take further steps to save Hawaii’s local businesses who have been devastated by the Coronavirus pandemic. While we are doing everything we can to save jobs and preserve benefits, 50% of our members reported having to alter or completely shut down operations. The situation will only become more dire in the coming weeks.


We urge you to immediately consider taking the following measures to save our businesses:

  • Suspension, deferment, and/or relief of GET and other tax collections
  • Rental relief and mortgage assistance or deferral of payments
  • Low or zero-interest loans for businesses
  • Greater opportunity for direct capital infusion
  • State support or matching of loans for businesses who receive Economic Injury Disaster Loans from SBA


We recognize that these actions are only the first step in any long-term plan to restart Hawaii’s economy. But Hawaii’s economy is at a standstill and immediate action must be taken to ensure that businesses can survive extended interruptions and have the capital to resume operations following the lifting of Stay at Home, Work from Home orders.


CC: Hawaii State Legislature

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