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Pass CEJA now!

Dear legislator,

As a resident of Illinois and your district, I urge you to vocally support the Clean Energy Jobs Act (SB2132/HB3624) - aka CEJA - and work to ensure it is passed this Spring!

Thanks to the Future Energy Jobs Act of 2016 (FEJA), the clean energy industry has boomed in Illinois. Solar and wind power projects are being built that provide electricity we need but none of the air pollution that harms our lungs and none of the greenhouse gas emissions that threaten our lives, livelihoods and communities. FEJA was a step in the right direction, but it only provided a jump start towards a cleaner future and Illinois’ progress on clean renewable energy and clean air is now stagnating. Clean energy funding has been enhausted and there is no plan in place to ensure progress continues. Illinois needs to rededicate itself to the goal of completely eliminating dangerous air pollution.

There is a clear path forward. Illinois has an opportunity to rapidly ramp up renewable energy development and put the state on a path to using 100% renewable energy by 2050, to cut carbon emissions and air pollution from the power sector by 2030, to reduce the use of fossil fuels in vehicles by electrifying the transportation sector, and to create clean energy jobs and economic opportunity where they are most sorely needed. 

That is what CEJA would accomplish with your support. Again, your support for this effort would ensure Illinois achieves a clean and healthy energy future and all its residents breathe cleaner air.


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