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Oppose 5G Rollout In Your Town!

Dear Lawmaker:

I am writing to you with great concern for the health of individuals and families in our city, based on the planned rollout of 5G wireless service, and the massive increase in electromagnetic fields (EMF) that will result. If planning commissioners are involved in the decisions of our city with regard to 5G, please also forward my email to them. Also please forward my email to decision makers in smaller towns that share a border with us.

Thousands of PhDs, MDs and other health professionals have formally registered their concerns that 5G will amplify levels of EMF already shown to cause harm exponentially, through petitions such as and to governments throughout the world.

Human beings are made up of electromagnetic fields, and over 8,000 published studies show harm to human and animal life due to exposure to chaotic radiation from unnatural, man-made frequencies.

5G is in the 28 to 300 GHz range, representing orders of magnitude higher exposure for everyone in the city where 5G has rolled out, than has ever been experienced before (with 2G, 3G, 4G). 

These chaotic frequencies are highly disruptive to healthy human frequencies, and many experts warn of potential hormone disruption, cancer risk, mental health problems, dizziness, tinnitus, rashes, trouble sleeping, and anxiety disorders.

The higher-bandwidth of 5G is good for the telecom industry, but it isn’t good in any way for humans, or for the cities who then may be liable for the damage to the population they represent. 

Did you know that the telecom companies installing the 5G infrastructure cannot get insurance against harm to human health, of their EMF-emitting towers and devices? Please ask them! 

This alone should give you grounds to deny them the right to install in our city. Insurance companies will not insure them because they know how significant the risk of harm is! If insurance companies will not insure this infrastructure, why would you allow it in our city?

Did you know that they cannot sue you, even if you’ve given them permission to install, for anything beyond the cost of the permit they paid? I think giving them back their permit fees would be a very good idea!

As our city rolls this out, they do so with absolutely no testing whatsoever by the telecom industry. They admitted to a Congressional committee that they have done no safety studies at all.

If you are unaware of the risks of chaotic radiation, and you have approved the rollout of 5G, it’s time to stop and examine this decision, before telecom has invested millions in this town, and you LATER decide the toll on human health is unacceptable and want to roll it back. (But again, remember: they cannot sue our city for the cost of their installation / infrastructure. Only for the permit! Check this out with the city attorney, please.)

And you can’t get away from 5G once it’s rolled out. For instance, a colleague of mine hired some EMF experts to test her home, and when they were done, she sent them to a site locally where 10 5G towers had been installed. 

Within 50 yards of the building, and all around and in the building, the electrical and magnetic fields maxed the meter. The sophisticated metering detected dangerously high EMF, and 15 unsuspecting employees work in that building, and are now subjected to massive cancer risk. 

No one informed them of this risk. We called the manager of that facility, who had no awareness of any health risk of 5G towers being installed there.

The citizen action committee we are forming intend to call every school, business, and medical facility where telecom likes to install towers, and tell them that there is significant risk and danger if they do so. Unless the city is willing to stop the rollout of 5G before it comes to that. 

Introducing high-powered, constantly emitting, man-made frequencies into our natural fields, is cavalier and irresponsible. Are you okay with taking such huge risks with your family’s life? We aren’t either.



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