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Tell Congress NO on HR 6666!

I am writing you to ask that you vote against TRACE Act (HR 6666), and any other similar bills that come before you. As your constituent, I feel strongly that this bill is against my best interests, my family’s best interests, and my community’s as well.

Spending Americans’ hard-earned tax dollars for “contact tracing” is in essence, creating a police state and granting the government authority to remove people from their homes.

I do not believe government has any business entering my home to remove a family member from the care they would best receive at home from the people who have their best interests foremost in mind. 

The only people who should be in government housing when they are ill are people who have no family to care for them, people who ask for such services.

Our economy is already devastated, and virtually every business and citizen is, almost overnight, on government welfare. It is not appropriate to propose $100 BILLION in 2020 for even more government overreach, employing “contact tracers.”

Please vote against this bill. I will be voting in the next election only for legislators who respect and preserve my and my family’s Constitutional rights and the rule of law that made this country the greatest in the world.

I want to reiterate that I have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. “Agents of harm” are anyone who have taken an oath to protect the people and violate that oath by threatening medical procedures against my will; threatening my right to privacy without a warrant; threatening my right to speak and peacefully protest; threatening my right to assemble and engage in commerce. 

I and other Americans should not be detained or assaulted for non-compliance. 

These rights are inalienable and are not related to my willingness to subject myself to surveillance, extortion, medical procedures, or anything that would cause me harm. 

I hereby accept your oath of office as your sworn statement that binds you to uphold my Constitutional rights, protect me from harm, and it binds you to liability when acting with negligence or without duty of care. 

Please write me back that you will never vote for HR 6666 or any bill that allows government overreach or funding to bribe churches, medical facilities, and schools to ban congregations, patients and students if they haven’t agreed to be tracked and vaccinated without informed consent.


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