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Tell Your City About Other Cities Who Banned 5G!

Dear city official:

I hope you got an email from me recently, pointing you to extensive evidence that 5G presents clear and present danger to plant, animal, and human life.

I hope since then (a) you’ve learned from the city attorney that you cannot be sued by telecom for allowing the rollout, for anything more than the cost of the permits, if you reverse your decision; and (b) you’ve confirmed that these telecom companies cannot obtain insurance against harm to human health, from the electrosmog they create!

(The insurance companies know how dangerous EMF and 5G are, and deny the carriers coverage!)

We must halt allowing infrastructure for 5G to roll out in our cities, for the sake of our health, and especially our children’s health. Did you know that the American Academy of Pediatrics has asked the FCC to study the harm to children’s health, to take a stand against these chaotic frequencies that are 100 times stronger with 5G, than with 4G?

I hope you would never allow 5G towers to be installed in our schools! High EMF levels are linked to leukemia, brain tumors, ADD, focus problems, headaches, dizziness, and many other health issues spiking in children.

So that you’re aware of cities in the U.S., and the world, who have had the courage to stop 5G, I want to share these with you.

First, Easton, Connecticut just banned 5G, with a unanimous vote! Please watch this 28-second news story

Brussels and Geneva, in Europe, have banned 5G, citing health concerns.

And here are some actions taken by Los Altos, CA, and other American cities, to limit or stop 5G:

I know that you care about the health of residents in our beautiful city, as you and those you love are citizens here, too! Please let citizens know when you meet about these issues of critical importance to every citizen. Thank you for studying these issues and doing the right thing!

Here are my three favorite websites for reading up on the over 8,000 studies done showing great harm to plant, animal, and human life from the electromagnetic frequencies of 3G and 4G. 5G is over 100 times more powerful.


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