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Tell Cox & Herbert NO to Another Utah SHUTDOWN!

Dear Gov Herbert and Lt Gov Cox:

Lt. Gov Cox empowered the Utah Health Dept to violate our rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness, to shut us down this past winter.

Consequently, we lost 15% of our jobs, our collective emotional health, and thousands of small businesses who cannot recover after their losses.

Please stop Dr. Angela Dunn, who is an unelected health official with no authority to destroy more jobs and more businesses. We know that you are the ones who have told the health departments to shut our businesses down.

Don't do it again! Other governor candidates have promised they will NOT continue the destruction of our economic future that Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox enabled!

Please show up at the Capitol to address us, at 5 pm Thurs., 6/25. We come peacefully, observing safety standards. SIGNERS OF THIS LETTER, PLEASE BE ON THE CAPITOL STEPS.

The only reason there are so many positive tests right now has nothing to do with sick people. We have fewer than 160 deaths after 4+ months, most of them elderly folks in longterm care facilities, where it's been almost always an infection or virus that kills them at the end.

We have surging positive tests because we have surging testing. Every medical procedure now requires a COVID test in advance, causing testing to be massively higher. Sports teams, and employees of small to mid-sized businesses are also being forced to be tested.

The one-day 300% spike Angela Dunn sees in "infection rate" is in healthy people, and it corresponds to an over 300% testing rate that day as well.

These people are asymptomatic! And there are up to 80% false positives in the testing.

That's why you don't see any sick people around you, and neither do we!

We, in Utah, are watching--especially Spencer Cox, running for Governor. Why would you consider doing this to us again?

You've already violated your own appointed health committee's suggestion to put us into your "green" phase.

The whole "Utah Leads Together" color-coded program isn't even a program so much as a power grab, to unconstitutionally control the means of production in Utah and destroy countless small businesses.

Any business owner can see that restaurants and small businesses in the "orange" phase have absolutely no possibility of being profitable and staying in business.

Our state data shows no decrease in ICU bed inventory, or overall hospital bed inventory.

This is in gross violation of the rights of the people of Utah, and we have tolerated enough destruction of our jobs and our businesses. We tolerated it for months already, and we DO NOT CONSENT to another shutdown.

We will not stand for the tyranny, and we will vote for another candidate, if you don't wake up to the realities that Utah IS NOT ILL.

The PCR test yields many false positives, including anyone who has had the flu vaccine, and anyone who has had any coronavirus in the past--plus those who have antibodies and are immune!

Please stop the tyranny. Any medical doctor can read the state results to see that hospitalizations and deaths are NOT spiking, and that the one-day spike your top health dept official is reacting to is a one-day 300% increase in positive results, based on 300%+ testing increase!

Please task her with the analysis that anyone with basic math skills can compute. Please do this simple analysis yourself.

There are already two lawsuits against Governor Herbert and Lt. Gov Cox, and We the People of this state will not tolerate another shutdown. Health department officials should not dictate the terms of our economy!

Supporting friends of this petition include Jamie Blom, MD; Jared Nielsen, DC; Michelle Jorgenson, DDS; Jason West, DC; Jerry Bailey III, DC; Josh Handt, DC; Thaddeus Gala, DC; Scott Chandler, DDS; Daniel Pompa, DC, and Christine Phillips, DC. Watch for updates, as more doctors are to follow.


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