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Cox: Take 80% Pay Cut if You Shut Utah Down Again!

Dear Gary Herbert and Spencer Cox:

I am a Utahn concerned about your sending Angela Dunn into the media to hype the high positive test results in Utah, to justify a July 1 shutdown into “orange phase” in your “Utah Leads Together” program that hijacks the freedom of 200,000 Utah family-owned businesses.

Mr. Cox, you are running on a “limited government” platform, but every single one of your competitors for the Governor’s office has promised not to shut Utah’s economy down, while you are threatening another “orange” shutdown which is far beyond your rights as Lt Gov or Gov.

Every single one of your opponents has ideas to protect our vulnerable rather than destroy all of Utah’s family-owned businesses.

When the elderly and very ill are removed from the data, the rest of us have an 0.0004% chance of dying of COVID19, which is approximately our risk of death driving from Salt Lake to Provo.

We have high positive test rates right now, but we don’t have high numbers of sick people, hospitalizations, or deaths.

“Orange phase” is guaranteed bankruptcy for tens of thousands of Utah’s small businesses. These business owners already can’t sleep at night, thanks to your enabling the health department to shut them down for months, and now those who have been able to re-open do so only with draconian restrictions.

Three different lawsuits are already leveled at you, and your health department minions and Democrat mayors in Salt Lake and Summit Counties.

We ask, if you decide to force another shutdown, that you and those involved accept an immediate, long term 80% salary decrease, since you’re also destroying the income of tens of thousands of small business owners, adding to our 15% unemployment rate, and destroying the tax base that pays you, by destroying jobs.

We ask for the 80% decrease in salary for:

Gary Herbert

Spencer Cox

Andy Beerman (Mayor of Park City)

Erin Mendenhall (Mayor of Salt Lake City)

Richard Bullough (Health Dept, Park City)

Angela Dunn (Health Dept, Utah)

Jenny Wilson (Salt Lake County)

Any others involved in the shutdown of Utah to “orange”

Please reply to this letter. Please also do not shut down Utah’s economy again. You are already on the wrong side of history, dictating to the health departments to shut us down for months, the first time.

You are using this virus for control, and a shift into a socialist government dictating the terms of commerce.

Instead of being conservative Republicans, you are showing up as willing to destroy your own people, rather than adhere to the limits of your power, and the Constitution.

Please do not do this to us again. Please forward this letter to the health department officials and mayors who are also involved.

We, the People of Utah

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