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Tell Herbert to Rescind K-12 Mask Mandate

Dear Gov. Herbert and Lt. Gov. Cox:

We, parents and teachers of Utah, beg you to reconsider mandating masks for the K-12 children of Utah.

If you continue on this draconian path, destroying the learning environment in the schools, many children will inevitably become ill and unable to learn adequately, from lack of oxygen, and re-breathing their own germs and carbon dioxide for many hours. The emotional health of everyone in the school system, especially children, will suffer.

Please at least offer the option for parents to obtain an exemption. Children depend on eye contact and touch. They will be terrified, being unable to see their teachers’ and classmates’ faces for communication and reassurance, and being unable to be in physical proximity of adults or children. Children will become terrified of germs that are a concept they cannot understand; if we impose these useless, terrifying rules, they will develop obsessive-compulsive disorders, and it is impossible to learn, while being paralyzed by fear. Test scores are likely to plummet.

Many adults wearing masks for lengths of time report headaches, brain fog, fatigue, lightheadedness, and even significant adverse health events, since lacking optimal oxygen impairs human abilities to function. Twenty-five percent of children are anemic, and being deprived of oxygen exacerbates low iron in the blood.

It is well documented that people wearing masks for hours will become hypoxic. All disease states thrive in an anaerobic environment, including viruses, bacterial infections, and cancer. Oxygen is what prevents and weakens viral load.

So, ironically, your mandate will make children more likely to get the COVID virus, and every other virus and infection.

Will the governor’s office assume legal liability for the health problems and possibly even deaths caused by requiring masks in schools? You have issued this mandate while the entire chart at the CDC website is in “green.” And it is the CDC whose data drove public health policies from the beginning.

The CDC, unlike the state of Utah, seems to be able to tell the difference between the mass testing’s higher test result numbers, and actual illness, hospitalization, and death rate, which are down by 92% compared to April.

European countries have returned to school, and there has been no spike in cases in any of those countries. There is no evidence that children transmit the virus to adults, and in fact, emerging evidence to the contrary.

Students are not a threat to their teachers. And of course you are well aware that only the elderly and people who are extremely ill or weakened by other conditions, not children, are casualties of this virus.

You have stated that you are requiring all children to be masked, all day, to serve the interests of Utah’s teachers. But many teachers don’t want to wear a mask in the classroom or require their children to do so.

Hand washing, and staying home if one has symptoms, are reasonable measures. Turning our schools into dystopian science fiction films serves absolutely no one. We have 0.00005% of our citizens in Utah who have died of the virus, over 75% of them over the age of 65—these are not numbers that warrant the 6-month state emergency imposed by our legislators.

That number is far fewer than the casualties of this year’s flu, which our health department has stopped even counting. Reporting of COVID becomes ever more liberal, and the CDC itself is encouraging everyone who has been in a building with a person who tested COVID-positive, to be called a “positive case” or an “infection.” Some healthy people with positive test results have to keep testing, to be allowed to go back to work -- even up to 35 times according to some reports – and all of these are counted in the “infection” or “case” numbers, even though they’re not sick people at all.

Please don’t allow these manipulated, artificial numbers to cause you to make our schools hellish for children. Our children do not know the difference between reality and politics as the adults do, as their world becomes terrifying and unrecognizable.

It appears that the mask mandates, business shutdowns, and many other actions in the freight train of Utahns’ lost freedoms manipulate and mis-use scientific evidence. The only studies showing that masks reduce transmission of the virus are done with animals or people who are ill (with symptoms), or people caring for those who are ill.

You are demanding that healthy, asymptomatic children wear masks fulltime, with no evidence this has any effect on risk mitigation for anyone. And there is no allowance made for children with special needs.

Please do not make our schools a dystopia that will psychologically damage every child who attends.

What happens at lunchtime, when children must choose between being masked, or eating? Parents will not wash the masks every night, and wearing the same mask over and over is worse than nothing. Masks will inevitably end up dropped on floors, in lockers, in backpacks, and borrowed from friends.

The only time mask wearing is effective is with PPE’s changed every 30 minutes in a health care setting. No parent will send sterile masks and clothing changes for twice an hour to accomplish any kind of sterility in schools that the mask mandate is trying to achieve.

Your policy will also cost teachers and administrators their jobs, as huge numbers of us pull our children from school. Your policy will also create a larger gap between the poor and the rich, since 40% of Utah parents are saying they will remove their children from school or are considering doing so, and it is the working poor who lack the time and funds to homeschool or pay for other options.

Please at least give parents an exemption option, and require that schools may not shame or bully children who aren’t wearing a mask, since every adult in America who opts out of wearing a mask because they’re healthy, is being bullied.

Your K-12 mask mandate makes children the victim of adults’ fear; teachers will of necessity become mask police rather than teachers; children who cannot wear masks will be denied a free education (that all of our taxes fund); teachers and administrators will be pitted against each other; and this bad policy will have a catastrophic effect on the long-term well being of Utah’s children, the economy, as teachers and administrators will be laid off as parent remove their children from schools; and the quality of education in general will plummet.

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