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Tell Your Gov & State Legislature NO on Mask Mandates

Dear Legislature and Governor’s Office:

As virus deaths have plummeted by 92%, despite the liberal policy of the CDC in diagnosing it, I am alarmed to see increasing focus in many states, on unconstitutional mask mandates.

And when a governing entity justifies its mandate, around the U.S., astonishingly, it seems to use studies that do not, in fact, show efficacy of facial coverings in preventing spread of illness.

(These studies presented seem to focus on sick people, or those caring for sick people, wearing a mask. For these people, there is some legitimate cause to wear a mask. When those studies are used to justify all healthy adults and children wearing masks at all times – I have to wonder, do our officials not know how to read a study? The mask mandates being issued in many states are for the healthy -- for everyone -- even for children, who evidence shows do not transmit the virus.)

Please read the resources I share with you here, because the pressure global elites are exerting on the various states, using the excuse of the virus, is causing many decisions that do not hold up to even basic scrutiny. Please read the research here, and do not mandate masks for children or adults.

One study shows that 97% of viral particles pass through the cloth face-covering barrier. A meta-analysis of 17 of the best studies on this topic concluded that, “None of the studies established a conclusive relationship between mask/respirator use and protection against influenza.”
CDC and WHO both acknowledged and stated, until recently, that healthy people wearing a mask makes no sense.

And, the health risks of wearing a mask—many people fulltime, in their jobs—are legion.

As documented in the published literature, they may include lowering oxygen levels or hypoxia (full oxygenation is needed to fight infection effectively); re-breathing your own harmful byproducts of respiration, microbes and carbon dioxide in high quantities; worsening anemia; causing cardiovascular problems; anxiety; worsening of lung problems like COPD or emphysema; and in some wearers, arrhythmia, headaches, nausea, and loss of consciousness, among other problems.

For children, there will potentially be many emotional reactions to being encouraged to fear breathing the air, despite the evidence that children only very rarely get the illness, and do not transmit it to adults. (Germany, Iceland, Sweden, and Ireland’s children have gone back to school, with no increase in cases.)

Please do not mandate masks in the schools. Utah has done so, and the people are in revolt. 40% of Utah’s parents are saying they will pull their kids out of school, which will put yet another segment of the economy – public and private education -- into chaos and unemployment.

This is a well-referenced article by Dr. Russell Blaylock, a neurosurgeon and author, explaining why cloth masks are not going to be useful, according to the research.

Here is another article by Dr. Colleen Huber, covering findings of 42 different studies in contradiction to the policies emerging in many states, that wearing a mask prevents transmission of virus, and is a safe practice.

Please stand for the people of our state; promote good science and good information rather than misinformation; and resist the political pressure to rob the people you represent of important freedoms, such as the right to breathe oxygen.

Thank you.

PS To read more published research on mask efficacy, click here.

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